Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday playlist

Since, as my real life is becoming busy, I find it hard to post as much as I would ordinarily like, I think that I am going to post a playlist or record and a few comments.

Today, I have been listening to Bruckner's D-minor Mass (no. 1) with Eugen Jochum on DGG. For some time, I was really into the F-minor Mass (no. 3), but as I listen to the D-minor more, I think that it is more in keeping with the overall Brucknerian program. There are quiet, reflective, and introspective moments and the soaring climaxes for which Bruckner is known. The F-minor is very good, as well, especially in Daniel Barenboim's EMI set. However, the D-minor is somewhat more grand and sweeping. If one sees the Catholic liturgy as the representation of Christ's sacrifice on Golgotha, and - thus - new Creation, then I think that the D-minor comes closer to that ideal.

Eugen Jochum was quite an excellent Brucknerian. At a time when Bruckner was not exactly in the repertoire, I think that Wilhelm Furtwängler and he did rather a lot to integrate him into the German symphonic repertoire. However, Jochum never seemed to have the metaphysical aspect to his Bruckner that Furtwängler did. There is a very workmanlike and serious aspect to Jochum and that allows his Bruckner to sing on its own terms.

In other words, listen to his D-minor Mass. It's good Sunday music.