Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ring up the bill for Keilberth

Testament, after their wildly successful release of the 1955 Keilberth Ring, which was seriatim, beginning with Siegfried, passing through Walküre and Rheingold, and ending with Götterdämmerung, is now releasing a complete all-in-one box of that Ring. This might be a great opportunity for people curious about the Keilberth set, if they haven't sampled it by now, to take the plunge. It also provides considerable savings over the four separate releases, which I bought separately, I might add with a note of bitterness, a fact which I shall demonstrate below.

Amazon has it priced at $165.97 (a discount from the list price of $206.98). If you order it from Testament's own website, you can get it for £98.91, which is equivalent to roughly (depending on how hard the dollar is getting shellacked on a given day) $194.35. Amazon currently lists the four records separately at, for Das Rheingold, $27.97; for Die Walküre, $59.97; for Siegfried, $59.97; and for Götterdämmerung, $91.98. This comes to a grand total, if you bought the four together right now, $239.89 plus shipping and handling which, naturally varies. If you did the same thing at Testament's own website, you could get it for £153.86, or roughly $302.32. That's a lot of numbers, but - hey - I'm a math minor (pure math, though, so financial stuff boggles my mind at times, too).

I have two comments. First, Decca made a serious tactical error licensing this set to Testament. Don't get me wrong, I really like Testament, which has - consistently - some of the most interesting, engaging, and high-quality historical recording releases on the market. The Keilberth Ring is, obviously, the flagship release, but they have others (Claudio Arrau's Beethoven concertos with Otto Klemperer, Flagstad's premiere of Strauss' Vier letzte Lieder with Furtwängler, and some interesting - if not great - Mahler recordings of Barbirolli with the Berliner Philharmoniker come immediately to mind) of similar quality for various reasons. It is probably a fact that Testament has one of the best Ring cycles on the market in their catalog at the moment. Still, it sat in Decca's vaults for fifty-one years, and that company showed no real interest in releasing it. Culshaw had it shelved back in 1955 so he could do his cycle with Solti, and - for better or worse, more of the former than the latter, though - Solti's cycle is still the benchmark. I have argued before, and I still believe that Solti's cycle wouldn't have happened at all if Keilberth's had been available.

Decca could have had it both ways, though. They could have let Solti seize the market, as he did, and - in the last decade or so - brought out the Keilberth set. Critics, both professional writers and serious listeners, for whom I have a lot of respect, have praised the earlier cycle to high Heaven. It seems that, fifty-some years after he led the performances and now forty years after his death, Keilberth has entered the special Walhall for Wagner conductors. In other words, Decca could have had two landmark Ring cycles in its lineup. Solti's set is great indeed, but Keilberth's set captures Bayreuth in the Golden Age in great sound. I might have a slight preference for Hans Knappertsbusch's 1956 Ring (on Orfeo), but the sound is mono - and, at that, not as good as Keilberth's, speaking relatively.

This misadventure on Decca's part (i.e., coming off as a company dominated by internal politics and slightly slow-witted in missing this particular boat, plus missing the credit and the profit) shows me, at the very least, that the real innovation and important recordings in the classical record industry usually happens at the smaller labels. Deutsche Grammophon has yet to have a consistently good Ring. Von Karajan is, in places, too weird, and has only Rheingold as what I would call a successful record. Philips has Böhm and Boulez, but neither set is to everyone's taste - the latter, twenty-three years after the fact, still being pretty contentious. Telarc (now Warner Classics and even more-now Rhino) had Barenboim, but that set never really achieved the same currency and circulation as Decca's Solti box. Maybe that's it, Decca already has a great Ring, but the new gold standard for live sets and the most innovative studio recording - perhaps of all to-date - is a hard-to-beat combination.

My other comment is this: Why not drop the complete Ring and the four separate installments at the same time? Save some of us some money, while offering a choice of purchases, that is. It's pretty simple: I, and a lot of others, I suspect, would have bought the complete Keilberth Ring at the outset, instead of fooling around for two years - more or less - collecting each record as it dropped (I'll admit, it took me darned near a year to get Götterdämmerung, though I had what I will call a substantial and complete long-term audition). A boutique label like Testament likely has similar concerns to the major companies, and would prefer to sell four pretty consarned expensive records, as opposed to one moderately expensive one. Let's be realistic, though, most serious music listeners will only have one Ring in their collection (likely either Solti or Böhm). Most listeners with a more-serious interest in Wagner will only have three or four (expanding to Levine, Barenboim, Furtwängler, Knappertsbusch, Krauss and the like). Wagnerian fanatics might have ten or twelve copies (some maybe more), but we're not talking about a big audience here. That is to say, Testament's choice is directed at a small segment of the serious music listener community, and likely has more latitude than - say - Deutsche Grammophon with yet-another-Beethoven 9th recording to consider how to price the product intelligently.

What do I know, though? As I like to say.


At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, Mr. Smith. Lots to chew on, and too much in one reply, so let's start with..

Repackaging. I hear you on the 'repackaging with cheaper price' problem, but that has been going on forever with classical/pop/jazz CDs, DVDs, records, etc. etc. We all have gotten the bad end of such games, so I am a little unsure why this one instance would make you more 'bitter' than others. (To be fair, the release schedule may have been dictated by Decca when contracting to Testament, or there may be other unknown factors..)

I must confess, despite being a Wagner maniac, having stayed away from this set due to its outrageous initial price - $83.99 apiece for the latter three operas! Boutique label or not, even a maniac has limits, especially when DVD versions max out at $49.99 per opera.

Eventually I picked up Das Rheingold with a Borders coupon. Definitely liked it (wow, what singing!), and was thinking of biting the bullet on the others, but now will happily trade it in and order the complete set. Play the game..

Hopefully later I will give some thoughts on Decca, Culshaw, big labels vs. indies, etc..

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Patrick J. Smith said...

I guess what set me off about this set is that it was recorded in 1955. There is no issue with an ongoing series being pushed out the door as fast as possible to start making money. Assuming that there were no contractual issues involved (i.e., as you said, Decca forced it to be done a certain way), Testament could have remastered everything on their own schedule and released it when they were good and ready. Once they had the tapes, they had - absent any sort of contractual obligations - the ball in their court and all the time they needed.

What's more, Testament, to my mind, would be freer to engage in such a plan for the Keilberth Ring, knowing that they aren't going to corner an already-crowded market. Not by a long shot. They aren't Deutsche Grammophon or Decca, and they have a history of intelligent releases. Not that the other labels don't, but - of late - historical recordings don't seem to be the métier of the big-time companies. Fun fact: I don't think, as an example, Wilhelm Backhaus' Beethoven sonata cycle for Decca is readily available in the United States (except from super-retailers or specialists). In other words, given Testament's place in the market and the fact that the tapes really aren't going anywhere once digitized, I am bothered that Testament has felt the need to behave like a 'Big Four' label.

As to the price, this is a stupendously expensive cycle seriatim. Before this one, only Von Karajan's set came close in price.

At 11:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No arguments with your reply. The discussion of releases available only in the US or Europe could almost become its own blog. Oddly, I seem to remember von Karajan's CD reissue (the 'Originals' version) first came out at an OK price - that's when I got it.. not sure when it went nuts.

One more point for the moment.. having re-read the notes to the Testament Rheingold, it seems to me even without Culshaw's influence, getting this 1955 Ring out during its time would have been a nightmare. A whole page is devoted to the Wagner brothers' playing off recording rights between EMI and Decca to maximize revenue, as well as the usual power plays of Legge, von Karajan, Decca etc.

I personally don't see how a smaller label could have made headway through that legal maze and powerful individuals back then, and while Decca or EMI had the resources, the brass probably thought it not worthwhile for the record sales they would get. Thus Culshaw gets the chance to do things as he sees fit - but that's another post.

The more things change..

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Patrick J. Smith said...

I don't deny that only one of the Big Four could have dealt with Wieland Wagner, Wolfgang Wagner, the various conductors, and the intricacies of contract law and singer politics. My argument, I suppose, is that Decca could have released it. The Leinsdorf Walküre, from 1962, was a Decca project (though it was complicated, and it might have been directly handled by RCA), and it was released and overshadowed by the Culshaw/Solti project.

A Ring, to my mind, and knowing the state of things when the Culshaw/Solti set dropped, is a Ring, and having the cycle in stereo, with good singers, and a great band/conductor combination seems to be a good idea. I'm not sure what led it to be shelved, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that Culshaw and the Decca brass wanted to do their own thing and forestall any studio competition for the better part of a decade.

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're probably right on Decca and Culshaw wanting to corner the studio Ring market.

Still, it is interesting the other labels did not seem to try harder to get live Ring performances from other places than Bayreuth, especially after the success of Solti's Rheingold. Perhaps the singer contracts were still a pain, or they felt Bayreuth was 'the' place for live Wagner, or something else...

I can understand a studio being hesitant to put out an 18-record set of the cycle in 1955, and releasing it serially may have been seen as risky (if one flops, do you continue?) from the bean counters.

As for multiple Rings from one label on LP... it did take a while for one of them to do that. Not sure who was first with that, given the label hijinks over the years.. perhaps Philips, with Böhm and Boulez?

All theories of course.. but it beats thinking of work or the freezing rain outside..

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Patrick J. Smith said...

I think Philips might have the title of first to get two out, with Böhm and Boulez, but it took them nearly 20 years to do it. (IIRC, Böhm recorded the '67 cycle, and Boulez' recordings were done in '79-'80) Deutsche Grammophon took even longer, with the interval between Von Karajan and Levine. Decca still has the one, as does Warner, with EMI sort of playing catchup with Furtwängler's Rome set and Sawallisch's.

I think one reason why Bayreuth is the traditional source for live cycles is that the productions are regular, usually have consistently good singers, and the COBF is generally very good. Why worry about Berlin, New York, Vienna, Chicago, or London when you can run over to Bayreuth and get what you want in a summer?

The politics and practicalities of Ring recordings would make an interesting study.

At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I share some of your frustration about seeing the release of the entire packager after purchasing each opera separately, but my first impulse was to want to get the box too! I found some worth in having each opera come separately, though. You might be interested in my view here.

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keilberth's set captures Bayreuth in its Silver Age, in fine sound. The Golden Age would have been in the late 20s, with Wilhelm Furtwängler conducting, and singers like Frida Leider as Brünnhilde, Lotte Lehmann as Sieglinde, Lauritz Melchior as Siegmund and Siegfried, Friedrich Schorr as Wotan and Emmi Leisner or Karin Branzell in the great contralto parts.

There is nothing in that level in the Keilberth 1955 Ring, though it is a wonderful performance, and I can't say I blame intrepid Testament for wanting to profit as much as possible from this almost miraculous release.

At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:44 AM, Blogger John Lewis said...

The reason Decca did not reease the Keilberth 1955 Ring was the same as for the Knappertsbusch 1951 Götterdämmerung, copyright difficulties. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (her husband was Walter Legge of EMI), was under contract to EMI as were some of the artists in the 1955 Ring. Decca di, however, release the Flying Dutchman in mono on a special Bayreuth label in the UK and on London in the USA; later on Eclipse in genuine stereo. Today, the recording labels of the 1950nearly all belong to the one multi-national music entity, so there is no copyright problem to be negotiated. It is true that Culshaw did not like Knappertsbusch or Schuricht, and presumably did not like Keilberth. History has proved Culshaw in error (Solti is not sought after) and record collectors value Kna and Schuricht.

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