Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kulturpunkt: Blogs and Feelings

I am listening to Pierre Hantaï's Mirare recording of the Goldbergs. That makes my venom ironic, elegant, and gives it a little more menace.

Blogs are great, aren't they? They provide a place for people like me to complain about classical music. There are all sorts of bloggers out there, and some of them feel the need to talk about feelings. I tried that, once, on a now-defunct blog. It wasn't much fun, and it certainly wasn't interesting to anyone involved.

If you have issues expressing, or even feeling, your emotions, then I am sorry. However, the interweb is not a place to work those issues out - far from it, really. The anonymous nature of the interweb is great, but it also gives people the idea that they have license to tell six billion of their closest buddies that they think things about stuff. Angsty fifteen-year-olds get to write emotional love sonnets to themselves. However, after the age of nineteen, it should stop.

Furthermore, emotion-laden blogs are more fun to read than a dry, somewhat arrogant classical music blog. People who are introspective and "deep" take readers away from me. That will not do. Not at all.


At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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