Sunday, July 09, 2006


I don't sell shares on this blog, and I certainly don't brook any advertising beyond that which Blogger imposes. I'm like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Either you're buying what I'm selling, or you're not. However, when a major stakeholder complains, I am honor-bound to mollify them.

So, for Terry, I am going to post the top five reasons to buy the Keilberth Siegfried. He accompanied me to the excellent Barenboim performance of Mahler's 5th in Chicago. He was also there for the hour-and-a-half of social torture that preceded it. I owe him a small rationalization for dropping half as much as the whole Solti set on one opera.

5. Hotter's Wanderer is in much better voice than for Solti.
4. Windgassen has more sensitivity and intelligence.
3. This is probably the best Siegfried on record.
2. The Bayreuth forces play more echt-Wagnerian than the WP.
1. The Act 3 duet is perfect.

Bonus: I like it, and what more do you really need?