Friday, July 28, 2006

The view from the pit

Apparently, people read this blog. I know people read this blog, but I am talking about people whom I do not know.

Kenneth Woods, with his blog a view from the podium, linked to my Shostakovich piece. Thanks, Mr. Woods. Also, a quick check of his website shows that he got his B.Mus. in cello from IU-Bloomington. He spent four years in my part of Indiana. Not as impressive as my 20, but - still - no mean feat. Especially for someone (likely) better acquainted with Pierre Fournier than Jeff Gordon.

Thanks, in the end, for the publicity.


At 6:03 AM, Blogger KW said...

Well, you're welcome, and likewise, thank you! My wife and I, both IU grads but from different eras, are making our first shared pilgrimage back to Bloomington in August. I've not been in nearly 10 years!
Anyway, it's pretty clear that we have different ideas on Shosty, but try to forget the politics and think structure and layers of meaning.
Interesting post on Heppner- I heard him just before his vocal problems a few years back and I thought he would be the Tristan of the century- it was an astounding sound, but maybe he's never made it back to full stregnth. If so, sad, but he's still a hell of a singer.


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