Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Robert King?

In perusing some of my in-clicks, I see that a lot of people are coming here because of the trouble conductor Robert King has found himself in recently. Someone even rolled in from Milton Keynes in the jolly olde U.K. (Perhaps they'll tell me if they are old enough to have gone to Queen's performance there.) I assume his Prom at the Albert Hall prompted the search frenzy.

Well, there have been - Google News assures me - no updates. Other than a 30 August hearing, by which time, I am sure, I won't care. I'll say this: whenever someone gets famous, people make up silly stories about them. Even if the charges are true, and I doubt they are, it was a long time ago. I understand the vigor with which some people like prosecuting these types of accusations, but I am content to let the past remain solidly so.

But, as I said, I doubt the charges will hold water.


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