Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Dannies can't do anything right.

I go to Wabash College. I think I've mentioned that. Our biggest rival is DePauw University, and that rivalry culminates in the Monon Bell Classic (a football game). That game was played last Saturday, and Wabash kept the Bell for another year.

Then, I saw this post from Alex Ross. Not only can DePauw not keep up in terms of what goes on inside the classroom, but also they can't follow simple rules for concert etiquette. Furthermore, they pass off this ignorance as some grand experiment. At Wabash, student recitals are the order of the day, and they are always well-attended. It isn't suits and ties, except for the performers, but people "dress up" and are respectful. We have a couple of really first-rate pianists, and - mirabile dictu - people actually talk about their performances and discuss their relative merits. Suffice it to say, one is a decent interpreter of the Baroque and Classical, while the other prefers showy echt-Romantic stuff. Both are technically good, though.

To be fair, DePauw has a solid academic program. Their Classics Department (my maison de choix at Wabash) has really turned around and is revitalized. However, I cannot pass up the opportunity to knock the Dannies or see them slapped around a bit on a national stage.

Gloria all'Egitto, indeed.


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