Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Searchin' for a heart of gold"

So, yeah. I am noticing, in dibs and dabs, the critical press on the Netrebko I Puritani at the Met. No, not the idiotic Tommasini review. The real critical press: the opera blogs.

Good God. One would think that Netrebko was Russian for Hindenburg. Of course, Placido managed to drop his part in Lohengrin [was it? - someone who knows, jump on in - pjs] early in his career. His gaffe doesn't seem to have hurt him all that much. In fact, to much DGG fanfare, his Parsifal was released last year. A splendid one at that, owing as much to Thielemann as Domingo though.

Who knows, perhaps Netrebko will be the Fleming of my young-adulthood?


At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Gert said...

Yes and no, he sung Lohengrin in 1968, and then dropped it for years. It then resurfaced late 80s early 90s . Off the top of my head.


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