Sunday, July 15, 2007

Late Summer Listening Rotation

I saw, today, that I only have about a month before I go back to the ever-exciting and 'blog-conducive college routine. I'm strangely busy this summer, so my 'blogging isn't what I'd hoped it would be. Still, I thought that I'd tide everyone over for a little while with a list of my late summer listening rotation.

Bartók. The six string quartets (Emerson: DGG, 1988)
Haydn. Die Schöpfung (Gardiner: Archiv, 1998)
Bach. Matthäus-Passion (Klemperer: EMI, 1962)
Wagner. Der Ring des Nibelungen (Solti: Bayreuth 1982, private recording)
Mahler. Symphony no. 9 (Klemperer: EMI, 1967)
Beethoven. Symphony no. 9 (Böhm: Profil, 1941/2006)
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. Wigmore Hall Recital - 11/30/1998 (WH Live, 2007)
Boulez. The piano sonatas (Biret: Naxos, 1995)
Kirsten Flagstad. Strauss/Wagner recital, 1950 (Furtwängler: Testament, 2007)
Bach. Das wohltempierte Klavier I (Beauséjour: Naxos, 2007)

And no summer would be complete without some mindless pop music, though I'm not inclined to immediate write off Warren Zevon as "mindless."

Maroon 5. It Won't Be Soon Before Long.
Rufus Wainwright. Release The Stars.
Warren Zevon. Stand In The Fire.


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Karl Henning said...

Bartók. The six string quartets (Emerson: DGG, 1988)


At 10:36 PM, Blogger Patrick J. Smith said...

I know. I went with Takács for a while, but I finally preferred the Emerson interpretations.

I really need to do some writing about Bartók, but I can never seem to get around to it

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