Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Penitent Wagnerite Honors

Like the English monarch, I am accustomed to semi-annual grants of honor. My Christmas and birthday indulgences are legendary among my friends. Though, that's more for the drinking that accompanies them. Since I have a blog, I have decided to give some honors out before I go back to serious blogging; call it a Friars' Club Roast. I thought about calling it "The Best of the Web," but decided against that fairly early in the process. None of these awards come with any compensation, except the warm feeling of accomplishment that having a postmodern zealot like your work gives you.

A.C. Douglas
, The Patrick J. Smith Prize
Mr. Douglas has distinguished himself by being an insightful, if reactionary, cultural blogger. Any man who can trash Harry Kupfer and tell you how to properly schmear a bagel in (seemingly) the same breath deserves a prize. He also spent a busy day lining me out, which fit into my need for publicity and self-aggrandizement very, very well.

Wellsung, TPW Blog of the Quarter Award
I really like that blog. Jonathan and Alex provide just enough serious substance to make their commentaries fun and informative. This is the sort of blog that I really just plain enjoy reading. It's like an opera after-school special: it's entertaining, and it makes you think.

Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise
, TPW Overall Quality Award
Alex Ross. The New Yorker. Need I say more? If you haven't been reading this blog, then you're under a rock, and you need to get out and among the surface-dwellers, O pitiful Morlock.

This is a roundup of some really swell blogs, and some blogs that make my face swell, and you should read them. If I took the time to do this, imagine how important they must be to me. Someone with a job.


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