Saturday, November 18, 2006

That time of the year

I am home for Thanksgiving, which means that I have lots of time to listen to records, read, and blog. Perhaps this will make up for the semester that I have spent keeping everyone in the dark. So to speak.

Thanksgiving is coming up, which means the dreadful round of pre-Christmas sales and commercials is only one day farther away. Simply horrible. Not that I have anything against Christmas, but it seems a little silly to act like it's Christmas Eve for a month. It isn't.

However, this fall (like last) I will be going to Chicago for a concert. Barring some unforeseen situation, I will be going to one of the performances of Mahler's 7th by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Pierre Boulez on the podium. His DGG 7th was pretty good, though the 6th and the 9th are the sleepers of that set, and this symphony is Mahler's toughest nut to crack. One hopes that he manages to let the band loose for the finale. Chicago has been, since Reiner and Solti, a virtuoso orchestra - and they could really have some fun with Mahler's most idiomatically jubilant music.

Of course, he might have been mocking Kapellmeister music or paying homage to Wagner. Take your pick.


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Karl said...

The scary thing (really, just one of the scary things, I suppose) is how retail outfits will preen themselves on their restraint, in waiting until the day after Thanksgiving before they start The Hideous Christmas Music :-)

Here's hoping you had a good semester, Patrick!


At 11:20 AM, Blogger Patrick J. Smith said...

It isn't over yet. I have a week from Hell, then finals. But, thanks.

Christmas music. Two words that say all there is to be said on the subject.


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