Monday, December 18, 2006

One year (give or take) later...

This blog is the successor to From the New World. That blog got up to 200 posts and, while not moribund by any means, needed a change. I wanted to take it back to its original roots - culture, opera, and art. However, the increasingly personal content that I had been introducing over the last months made that difficult, if not impossible. So, I was left with a choice: get further and further away from my roots or scrap it and start over.

I made my choice: now make yours. Stay, and see a leaner, meaner blog, or leave.

That was written on 31 December 2005, a Saturday, as it happens. I have beaten 200 posts with The Penitent Wagnerite. In the past year, I have had (in my mind) some splendid posts, gotten into some splendid rows, and draw about ten people from all over the United States and the world each day. Not bad, not bad at all, if you consider my competition. I am not going to trash this one, simply because I have stayed more on-target, if for the occasional personal aside. It's still a solid two weeks to the anniversary, but I saw that post tonight, and I thought that I would make a mention of it.

The last few posts have been a bit pop-culture, but that's OK, in my book. Every good meal deserves a champagne sorbet between courses to cleanse the mouth of rich stews and interesting fowl. I'll bring us back to the regularly scheduled programming, especially with my original statement glaring off the screen at me whenever I open the site to get to the editing menu.


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