Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A wholehearted "Yes!"

A.C. Douglas writes,

If the pig cop's persecution of the good doctor forces him off Vicodin, or the pig cop isn't dealt an ignominious and humiliating defeat at the good doctor's hands, then the ol' Uzi is coming out of the closet again, and I'm heading out to Los Angeles and the show's shooting set to do some shooting of my own. Ditto if the good doctor goes off Vicodin by virtue of the tough-love machinations of his colleagues.

(If you've no idea what I'm talking about, then you're missing the best series on commercial broadcast TV in the last two decades.)

I, for one, will testify at Mr. Douglas' trial for the defense. It is precisely this sort of melodrama that will take the only television about which I have ever cared from being brilliant to being a treacly disaster. I implore the creators, and Hugh Laurie (far from being the Prince Regent, in the show or reality), to cease and desist. Otherwise, A.C. might be on to something.

The Vogler arc from Season 1 was an excellent examination of "the good [doctor's]" methods and style. How could Wilson turn traitor? I always knew that the oncologist was a weak-kneed little girl with a self-serving streak. Chase staying loyal? Good God, the world of Princeton-Plainsboro has been turned upside-down since the arrival of Tritter.

Heaven help us all.